1. Belt Box

Whether you’re warming up your belt or head voice, the belt box will help you not annoy your roommates or neighbors.

2. Scarf

Singers need to keep those valuable vocal cords warm, so scarfs are functional, as well as being stylish.

Any scarf will do, but as singers will tell you – they can never have too many.

3. Vocal Rest

Vocal rest is key for singers to keep their chords ready to rock.

These shirts help them get the message across.

4. Water Bottle

There are a ton of options for water bottles, but you want to make sure you get one with a straw lid, or the Hydro Flask has a wide mouth flip lid for coffee (all the way on the right), but I love it for water, too. The idea is, studios don’t want water bottles with open tops sitting out during rehearsal that can easily get knocked over and spill all over the expensive rehearsal studio floor.

Singers always need to stay hydrated, so a cute new water bottle is always welcome.

5. Supplies

Keep your singer well stocked with pencils (with pencil sharpener), a one inch binder, and a 3 hole punch.

6. Jewelry

Get something cute for them or their keychain.

7. Cute Bag

We have soooo much stuff and need cute bags to put it all in.

8. Wig cap hat

If you’re finding a gift for a singer who performs in shows, a wig cap hat is key.

On two-show days we usually don’t take out our wig-prep, so we wear hats in-between shows.

Here are some cute ones that have enough room under the hat for your pin curls.

9. Humidifiers

Mist is key to keep vocal apparatus hydrated.

The first one (humidifier) is good for a room.

The second one (MyPurMist) is portable and pricy, so it’s a great gift.

The third one is a travel humidifier – great for hotel or dressing rooms.

10. Keepsake Frame

Help your favorite singer display their favorite performing memories.

Playbills are oddly shaped, but of course they make Playbill and Show Poster frames.

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